How Materials Are Organized

Dear ISD and District Colleagues,

Welcome to the MAISA/REMC Common Core State Standards Professional Development Resources Project.

Included in this website are training tools that any ISD or district can use to facilitate conversations around the Common Core State Standards.  These tools are intended to help groups or individuals to familiarize themselves with important points regarding the standards, and how to begin planning to use the standards.

You will find sets of training materials for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Content Area Teachers.  We are aware of the need to get some basic tools into the hands of all districts and ISDs around the state. This collaborative project between MAISA and REMC has made these resources possible.

Materials are Organized by Content Areas:

  • Content Literacy
  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics

Each content area contains several items that can assist in facilitating conversations around the Common Core Standards.  Each content area and meeting link contains the following tools:

  • Sign-in Sheets to verify District Provided Professional Development (DPPD)
  • Participant Agenda
  • Facilitator Agenda
  • PowerPoint presentation with presenter notes
  • Coming soon:  Voice Over of the PowerPoint
  • Materials and resource aids to enhance discussion
  • Meeting Protocols described in detail for facilitating
  • Additional resources to aid further conversations in each topic

You will find additional resources behind the following tabs:

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment
  • Parent Guides

Feel free to use the resources that best suit your needs.

Reason for the Project

Based on two surveys launched statewide in 2012 and 2013, ISD leaders, district leaders and classroom teachers indicated an overwhelming need for training materials of what MAISA identified as “leveled trainings” for the Common Core roll out and implementation.

Purpose:  These training materials are to be used by any district PLC, staff meetings, or ISD gatherings with the intent of getting all districts in the state to the same level of understanding regarding the Common Core State Standards.

Members:  A small team of experts from around the state participated in this project.  A special thanks goes out to this team and to their organizations for their contributions to this project.

  • English Language Arts – Barb Mick, COOR ISD and Cheryl Yocum, Wayne RESA
  • Mathematics – Vic Bugni, Delta-Schoolcraft ISD and Terri Portice, Reeths-Puffer School District
  • Content Literacy – Molly Bruzewski, Bay-Arenac ISD and David Johnson, Wexford-Missaukee ISD
  • Project Managers – Judy Bonne, Wayne RESA, Molly Bruzewski, Bay-Arenac ISD, and Terri Portice, Reeths-Puffer School District
  • Website Administrator – Anupam Chugh, Wayne RESA/REMC

We trust you find these tools and resources helpful as you continue your progression toward implementing the Common Core State Standards.

ELA Resources Guides

ELA Level 1

ELA Session 1 - English Language Arts Instructional Shifts
ELA Session 2 - English Language Arts Standards and Structure
ELA Session 3 - Reading Standards and Text Complexity
ELA Session 4 - Writing Standards
ELA Session 5 - Speaking & Listening and Language Standards
ELA Session 6 - Smarter Balanced Assessment

Mathematics Resources & Guides

Math Level 1

Math Session 1 - Mathematics Instructional Shifts
Math Session 2 - Standards of Mathematical Practices
Math Session 3 - Digging Deeper into the Math Standards/Progressions
Math Session 4 - Assessments and Designing Learning Tasks
Math Session 5 - What Does CCSS Look Like in my Classroom?
Math Session 6 - Smarter Balanced Assessment: A Closer Look

Math Level 2

Level 2: Session 1 - Math Focus 1A
Level 2: Session 1 – Math Focus 1B
Math Level 2 Session: Coherence 2A
Math Level 2 Session 2B
Math Level 2 Session 3 - Rigor

Content Literacy Resources & Guides

Content Literacy Level 2

Content Literacy Session 1 - Content Area Instructional Shifts
Content Literacy Session 2 - Content Area Standards and Structure
Content Literacy Session 3 - Reading Standards and Text Complexity
Content Literacy Session 4 - Content Area Writing Standards

This page is still under construction.  No Orange Cones, though.  :-)

Thank you for your patience!

Content Literacy Session 5 - Smarter Balanced Assessment

Smarter Balanced Assessment

Parent Resources

Maisa CC Units

Title 1 Support Resources

  • Next Generation Science Standards & Common Core State Standards

These resources are available as a result of a collaborative project.  

Special thanks to MDE, MAISA and Kent ISD!